"Thanks to Scooter Computer, my IT set-up is just how I want it. I have used them a number of times when I have arrived home and there's been no internet! They are very conscientious, friendly and always punctual."

Cat Deeley, TV Presenter

"I call Scooter Computer constantly for my day to day problems. There is no need to panic because I know that they are always at the end of the phone. They are incredibly patient and have no trouble fixing the smallest problem, like an unconnected printer! Their service is wonderful and I never stop telling people about it."

Penny Vincenzi, Author

Dear Will

Payment has gone through to your account today, I can't thank you enough for your patience and help with my computer, do you have a feed back page on your website, if not you should do, you really have been amazing thank you again.

Best wishes


Small business owner, Sloane Square

“For days I had struggled installing wireless broadband. Scooter Computer came to my rescue and had the broadband working in no time. They also created an email exchange server for me so I no longer have to struggle with Hotmail.”

Small business Testimonial – Jonny Shearer, Manfredi

“The Scooter guys were punctual unlike many other services and managed to fix my wireless connections in no time at all. Will (the Scooter Computer expert) had 10 minutes left but instead of leaving showed me some nifty tricks to improve the speed of my computer. I have booked him back to give my computer a full makeover!”

Home User – Alix Hayward

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