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As knights of the IT world, Scooter Computerís technicians offer friendly tech help to your door. One of Londonís best kept secrets, you can call on the teamís help for a wide range of needs Ė from installing gadgets and software to speeding up a sleepy computer.

If you want to know whether we can help the best thing to do is give us a buzz on 020 7384 5949. Some of services are listed below to help give you a steer on how we can help:

Installation of desktop systems and software

Weíve all been phased by a new computer. Scooter Computer is here to help from integrating your new system to copying across all your favourite files

Speeding up sleepy computers

Thereís nothing more frustrating than a sleepy computer. If youíve time to make a cup of tea in the time it takes for your computer to turn on then help is long overdue

Zapping viruses

Viruses are more common than most of us think, so itís super important to protect against them. Weíre also here to help when they strike

Backing up

We all know we should, but how many of us actually do back up? Itís a chore, and it often takes the loss of precious files to spur us into action. Click here for details.

Multi-room music systems

Scooter Computer have a good knowledge of Sonos and have recently set up many systems for our clients. A typical two room set-up can be completed within an hour. Click here for details.

Other services

If you don't see the service you are after listed, please contact us as it is likely we can help.

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