Multi-room music systems

Increasingly, audiovisual systems and computer technology are becoming integrated within the home. The majority of new televisions are now internet enabled, thereby allowing the user to browse the web on their TV without the need of a computer. Scooter Computer can help connect these TVs to a home network and give a few quick instructions on how to operate them.

Imagine being able to play all of your music collection within different rooms of your house but with the ease of just one remote control. An example of such a system is Sonos, an audio system which brings your music collection to as many rooms around your home as required. This is accomplished through its own speaker systems or your existing hi-fi equipment. Sonos can be controlled either by your iPhone, iPad, computer or a dedicated Sonos controller. The great feature of Sonos is the ability to play different music in different rooms at the same time. If you tend not to play music from your own collection, Sonos can also stream radio channels as well as offering subscription based services such as Napster or Spotify where you pay a fee to listen to the music you choose from a huge library.

Scooter Computer have a good knowledge of Sonos and have recently set up many systems for our clients. A typical two room set-up can be completed within an hour. Please contact us for more information and quotes.

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